“High quality”, “high-performance”, “all‐Japanese product” is our motto.We offer a Japanese-made machine that can achieve advanced functionality with a simple mechanism.Based on 35 years long professional experience in cutting system.we make the best proposal for your company.You can count on as a one-stop partner for design production and maintenance.

Cutting system that can cut a variety of materials.


It can cut a verify of material.
It comes with a set of basic function at a reasonable cost.Advanced functions are available as option.Even though, standerd function and work speed are better than the previous model.


  • Durable very hard blade.
  • Designed for less maintenance.
  • It can cut directly using CAD DATA. Easy operation.
  • It can cut a number of material without changing tool. Also allows various cut.
  • It can make crease without causing crack.
  • Various tools to increase productivity.
  • Compared with the conventional model, the speed of cutting twice as fast as conventional model.
  • By using low cost CAD with the collection of fixed model it can address small quantity order.

Intended use

  • ・Cardboard, folding carton industry
  • ・Chemical products industry
  • ・Heavy packing industry
  • ・Building equipment industry
  • ・Bathroom and residential facilities and renovation industry
  • ・Signs & display industry
  • The above is an example of the intended use. Other industry, and use are also possible.

Just a good machine to cut the cardboard of a thickness of less than 8mm!


To cut cardboard up to 8mm, which is often used in cardboard folding carton industry.And at even lower price than the AS series, it enable facilitate the entry into the small-lot production.


  • A simple function that specializes in cardboard, paper containers.
  • More Affordable price than AS SERIES.
  • Vertical machine that enables the large cardboard processing in a space-saving is also available.

Intended use

  • ・Cardboard, folding carton industry
  • ・Signs & display industry
  • The above is an example of the intended use. Other industry, there is also introduced in the intended use.