Company Philosophy

Even when it is highly efficient, an expensive product is “only a maker’s self-satisfaction.”
An ACS machine [ that it is highly efficient and budget prices ] is offered, It contributes to “creation of the better future.”

Company Profile

Company Name ACS Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Yasuyoshi Uomoto
Office / Factory 2-51-14 Maekawacho,
Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama-Ken, Japan 333-0842
TEL: +81-48-486-9896 / FAX: +81-48-486-9897
Type of business Development,manufacture
and sale of industrial cutting system
Market Capital Yen8,000,000
Established September, 2009


1990 participated in the establishment of the cutting plotter development company, and become a product development manager as Development Director.
1991 developed a crop mark drawing machine for flexography printing at the request of the major ink manufatures.
1992 further developed a crop mark drawing machine for offset printing.
1993 developed a measuring instrument for static electricity.
1994 developed a sample cutter for corrugated cardboard equipped with ultrasonic cutter.
1996 developed a sample cutter equipped with air reciprocating.
1998 developed a face plates forming machine equipped with ATC(automatic tool changer).
2004 developed a sample cutter equipped with electric reciprocating. By improvement the durability of reciprocating, small lot production units became possible and developed in later stage a twin arm・two head cutting machine.
2006 developed a sample cutter equipped with a crush function.
2009 established ACS Co., Ltd and inaugurated as the representative director.
2010 started selling AS series as a multi cutting machine of new generation of digital cutter in Japan.
2011 relocation Kawaguchi factory for business expansion.
2012 started selling Z series is an improved low-cost version of the AS series.
2016 Established of Kyusyu Technical Support Center.
2017 Establishment of Osaka Sales Office.

How to Find Us

【Office / Factory】
2-51-14 Maekawacho, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama-Ken,Japan 333-0842
TEL: +81-48-486-9896 / FAX: +81-48-486-9897

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