This article contains frequently asked questions .

Q.What are the material that can be cut in the ACS of the cutting machine.
A.Not only cardboard, you can cut all the material. Polyethylene and urethane, aluminum, fabric, acrylic and many others.Please also look at the product page or cut sample pages, if more information is wanted.
You can also try the sample cut. Please contact us for details.
Q.What are the material that can be cut in the ACS of the cutting machine.
A.You are in addition to the following things , it can be used in a variety of industries . If there is a good idea , the possibilities are endless .
・Paper and packaging industries
・Chemical industries
・Heavy packing industries
・Signs & display industries etc.
Q.Can you create a custom-made machine?
A.Because we are self-developed, created it is possible.However, in the case of custom specifications, we need a long design period than normal delivery time.Please contact us first.
Q.What is the period of the extension or replacement of the cutting machine?
A.”We can use our cutting machine, but it’s too old. Therefore we want to consider the replacement”You sometimes hear such a voice.
Endurance period of the cutting machine it will be considered to roughly 10 years in the current of our industry.However, frequency of use depends on the situation.Among the trends that we have seen until now, it seems often to think that the expansion and your replacement is used about everyone seven years.When there are things that some anxious, feel free to please contact us.Still, even if you are not considering the replacement, we will welcome.
Q.Is the after-sale service good?
A.We think “true association starts after product purchase.”
After-sale service is prepared so that the costomer of various countries can also be satisfied.
Q.What about running costs?
A.Blade and the mat is considered as consumables.As a rule of thumb, blade we have recommended the replacement of your once in 2-3 months. Matt would be appropriate replacement of once in six months.However, it varies depending on the frequency of use.Please contact us for more price.
Q.I would like to see a real machine and cutting, Is it possible?
A.You can see the actual cutting machine in the demonstration room.Sample cut is also possible.Please feel free to contact us First.