ACS actions for Covid-19 virus infects

ACS Co., Ltd. will continue to take flexible measures under the guidance of the Japanese
government and local governments in light of the ever-changing infectious situation, taking
the health and safety of customers and employees first, in response to the spread of the
specified infectious disease “new coronavirusinfection (COVID-19)”.
In addition, we would like to make flexible efforts to prevent inconvenience and inconvenience
to our customers, as well as in product manufacturing and maintenance support services in

Based on the above, ACS Co., Ltd. implements the following measures in order to carry out
safe and smooth business operations.

1. Thorough health and hygiene management

• Thorough hygiene management (hand washing, mouth wash, wearing masks, hand-to-hand
disinfection with alcohol, cough etiquette, etc.)
• Thorough body temperature management of employees (body temperature measurement
before going to work, waiting at home if there is fever or symptoms)
• Check and comply with new coronavirus countermeasures from our business partners

In addition, we require employees to report to the company in the case of suspected infection
or strong contact with the person in question and family, and we are working to understand
the situation within the company.

2. Prevention of infection and reduction of risk of spreading infection

① Minimizing the outgoing work (recommended alternative by web conferencing system,
② Telework, time difference attendance, commuting method change (from public
transportation to commuting by cars, bicycles, motor bikes ) recommended

ACS Co., Ltd. will continue to implement appropriate measures and continue its business
with the highest priority on preventing internal and external infections and ensuring the safety
of employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.