You can watch the ACS cutting machine performance and functionality with video.

ACS Foam coredboards (Reciprocating method) With BC blade tool

ACS Cokeboard cut(Dragging method) With BC blade tool

ACS Foam core cut (Dragging method) With 15mm Standard blade tool

Corrugated board cutting procedure(stand-type)

  • 【Using models】ASZ2016S
  • 【material】5mm cardboard

ASZ2016S is a vertical (stand-type) cutting machine.Cut 5 mm cardboard material.
ASZ2016S can cut up to 8 mm cardboard material.
I will show you how to set and fix corrugated cardboard.
(It also includes options.Please contact us for options.)

Inclined cut the foam 50mm

  • 【Using models】AS1209F
  • 【material】Foam 50mm thickness
  • 【option】none

AS1209F is a world’s first 6 axis control cutting machine.A cut is possible, leaning an edged tool free by computer control.
AS1209F was exhibited by JAPAN PACK2015 (packaging machinery exhibition in the Japan case) performed at October 13-16, 2015.