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The ACS product is Self-Development, Self-Manufacture, and made in Japan.In order to use the product with confidence to our customers, we offer after-sales support of thorough after delivery.

Annual maintenance service

In order to use our product with confidence, we offer an annual maintenance service after the first year warranty.

Service contents
1. Periodic inspection
To prevent trouble in advance by performing periodic inspection.
2. Priority support
We will respond preferentially to the failure of the emergency.
3. Repair free
The repair cost in the maintenance contract period is not required basically, except for special cases.

Spot repair service

To be able to use it with confidence to customers maintenace services out of the period,we offer the spot repair service.

Service contents
1. Engineer dispatch
When repair is required we dispatch our engineer to repair and adjust it.
The cost will be a technical fee, travel expenses, and parts fee.
2. Maintenance bases at domestic and overseas
There are maintenace bases at Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka in Japan, Thailand, Korea, and Taiwan abroad.
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