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On this page, I introduce the profile of the representation which is a source of the technical capabilities of our company.

Representative career

1980 President Uomoto was attracted to the possibility of a micro computer began to spread at the time, he joined Kyuwatto Co., Ltd. developed an automatic drafting machine that applied a micro computer for the first time in Japan. He is dispatched to Denki University Yamaguchi laboratory, participated in the research and development of sealing robot of nine shafts control with the visual function by the four-party of Denki University, Tokyo University, NTN, and Suzuki motor. He engaged in the development of the robot controller for four years.
1985 Returned to the company, engaged in the development of cutting ploter for printing mask film.
1987 Engaged in the development of cutting machine for apparel in joint development of the major sewing machine manufacturer.
1990 Participated in the establishment of the cutting plotter development company, and become a product development manager as Development Director.
1991 Developed a crop mark drawing machine for flexographic prineting at the request of the major ink manufatures.
1992 Developed a crop mark drawing machine for offset printing.
1993 Developed a measuring instrument of static electricity.
1994 Developed a sample cutter for corrugated cardboard equipped with ultrasonic cutter.
1996 Developed a sample cutter equipped with air reciprocating.
1998 Developed a face plates forming machine equipped with ATC(automatic tool changer)
2004 Developed a sample cutter equipped with electric reciprocating. By the improvement of the durability of reciprocating, small lot production became possible. Developed a twin head cutting machine.
2006 Developed a sample cutter equipped with a crush function.
2009 On September, established ACS Co., Ltd and inaugurated the representative director.
2010 Started selling AS series is a multi cutting machine of the new generation.
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