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In ACS, I am preparing the model united with various uses.

For paper container, corrugated cardboard«AS1209F»


Work size:1200mm×900mm
Use: paper board, corrugated cardboard

For paper containetr, corrugated cardboat«AS2516F»


Work size:2500mm×1600mm
Use : paper board, corrugated cardblad.

For foam«AS1212F»


Work size:1200mm×1200mm
Use: foam

For heavy duty packing«AS5022F»


Work size:5200mm×2200mm
Use: heavy duty corrugated cardboard

For space saving«AS2920S»


Work size:2900mm×2000mm
Use: paper board, corrugated cardboard

Multi-head machine«AS2016F»«AS2616F»«AS3222F»


Work size:2000mm~3200mm×1600mm~2200mm
Use: corrugated cardboard, plastic corrugated cardboard, vinyl chloride, acryl board, foam etc.

First of all, please let us know your demands.We will provide the best cutting machine that matches the characteristics of the cardboard you want to cut.Please leave it to me about cutting machine.

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